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Plan 4.0


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Digital innovations — sensors, automation, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, to name just a few — are embedded in the design, operation and organization of a “plant 4.0”. The resulting transformations drive operational performance, enhance safety, boost the financial performance of projects and operations, and improve the management of industrial assets.

Augmented operator
Operations safety and reliability
Collaborative processes
Augmented interface for simulation, assistance and training
Working conditions, corporate wellness and productivity
Automation-based assistance

Asset optimization
Asset integrity and safety
Real-time monitoring and optimization
Industrial data analytics and predictive modeling
Energy efficiency

A unique opportunity
A technical and sales development program
A six-month coaching by Impulse Labs, startup acceleration specialist
Access to Total experts on specific practical cases
Potential implementation of pilot projects with Total
An opportunity to join the startup ecosystem accelerated by Impulse Labs, to benefit from incubator premises in Paris and Los Angeles at preferred cost
Preferred contacts with Total Venture Funds & Financial support for SMEs
An increased visibility and credibility towards investors

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